Privacy Policy

What data do we store?

On your phone, we store your pace and distanace traveled. Your GPS coordinates are never stored.

On our servers, we store no data. In fact, we don't even have any servers. The app is stand-alone. Data never leaves it, with one exception...

We use a 3rd-party service called Sentry to store any errors or exceptions that occur during the app's usage. No personal data is sent along with the error or exception. We use Sentry so we can be notified of bugs in the app and fix them promptly.

What iOS permissions does PacePlay need?

PacePlay requires you to grant the app permission to use your location at all times.

In iOS, this means you need to give PacePlay access to your location "Always."

PacePlay requires the "Always" permission so PacePlay can track your pace and distance when your phone is locked and when you have another app open in the foreground, for example a music app.

PacePlay only accesses your location when you're in an active workout.